3M™ Frosted and Graphic Films

Design meets function with decorative graphic films for windows and surfaces

Whether you need to enhance privacy for glass partitions, cover up unsightly construction, or leverage wall space for advertising, 3M has the graphic and architectural solutions to achieve your goals. Explore the possible applications for our graphic and vinyl films for surfaces from smooth glass and floors to textured brick and concrete.

Applications of 3M™ Frosted and Graphic Films

Privacy Solutions

Window films to create privacy while enhancing your interior design

Most office and property managers have seen the dramatic increase in the use of glass walls and partitions in offices, conference rooms and common areas.  While this creates more open and friendly space for employees or tenants, it also results in a lack of privacy in many instances.

Sandblasted Glass Effects

Concerns about sandblasted glass?

While sandblasted glass can create the desired frosted or etched effect on glass for interior design and privacy, it has the downside of being permanent and expensive as a retrofit solution. It’s also proven itself to be extremely difficult to maintain since fingerprints and other stains can be virtually impossible to remove. At one time or another, we have all seen sandblasted glass in commercial environments that continues to appear dirty despite regular cleaning.

Large Format Signage and Murals

Leverage your architecture and promote your business with custom architectural signage and murals

Large-format signage undeniably grabs and maintains people’s attention by virtue of its sheer size. Although large-format building advertisements are often temporary, they can deliver your message in a dramatic and high-impact format. 

Decorative and Graphic Films

Window and vinyl films custom designed to enhance your architectural and interior design

Decorative and graphic films offer the perfect accent to offices, lobbies, retail spaces, conference rooms and glass partitions. They are also a cost-effective way to further enhance room décor and complement other architectural elements, as well as providing privacy and other benefits.

Corporate Brand Image

Shine light on your brand with effective decorative window film designs

Glass is an ideal medium for creative expression, and many companies have incorporated custom decorative window film designs to enhance their brand image, communicate a marketing message, or create dynamic visual effects.

Glass Cover-Up

Keep up appearances for spaces that are unoccupied or under construction with decorative window film to cover glass surfaces

During periods when office or retail space is being refurbished, whether it be under construction or unoccupied, the standard practice has been to cover the display windows with paper to block the view of passersby. This does not communicate an appropriate message or convey the right image to tenants and customers.

Construction Cover-Up

Use construction cover-up space to effectively and creatively advertise and communicate information

Exterior  construction cover-up (also known as hoarding) usually consists of vertical sheets of plywood or metal fencing erected around construction sites to prevent pedestrians from being injured and also to prevent site entry by unauthorized personnel. In many cases a pedestrian ‘tunnel’ is also constructed to protect pedestrians from falling debris. Left untreated, these ‘barriers’ can be unsightly and are often quickly covered in posters and graffiti.

Textured Surface Graphic Films

Even concrete, brick, stucco and other textures can benefit from 3M decorative graphic films

You may know that graphic vinyl and window films can enhance the architecture of your property, inside and out, and allow you to use available wall spaces for advertising and promotion. Now, thanks to 3M Textured Surface Films, previously overlooked surfaces such as concrete and brick walls, structural pillars, stuccoed surfaces, and tiles can now serve as a canvas for those ‘in the know’. 

Glass Safety

Protect pedestrians by making your glass surfaces more notable

With increased focus on safety and liability, many property managers recognize that there is a risk associated with clear glass doors, windows and partitions. These architectural elements are not inherently visible, so people may be at risk of colliding with them.

Ontario Building Code Compliance

Re: Regulations concerning Barrier-Free Strips or Vision Strips or Safety Strips, as they apply to interior tempered glass.

Under the Building Code Act, the local municipality is the authority having jurisdiction for enforcing the Act and its Regulations, and you should contact the appropriate building official with respect to any specific proposal.

3M™ Frosted and Graphic Film Products

3M™ Fasara Glass Finishes

  • Crystals

  • Gradation

  • Stock Stripes and Dot Patterns

  • Unique Textures

  • Whiteboard Film

3M™ Graphic Films

  • Frosted

  • Solid Colours

  • Opaque

  • Translucent

  • Coloured Clear

3M™ Cut Graphics

  • Stripes

  • Custom Design

  • Logo

  • Inlay

3M™ Digital Print

  • Photograph

  • Custom Art Work

3M™ Frosted and Graphic Film Gallery



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3M Frosted & Graphic Fims

Design meets function with decorative graphic films for windows and surfaces

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