3M™ Sun Control Solutions

3M™ Commercial and Residential Window Film Solutions

Facilitating better solutions for sun control, energy savings, security, privacy, and more

3M Window Film Solutions are used in a wide variety of commercial applications that effectively resolve your concerns about property security, energy savings and temperature control, occupant comfort, and privacy, while also offering decorative options to enhance corporate image throughout a property.

Advantages of working with 3M window films and our team of experts

There are many reasons why designers, contractors, and property managers consistently select 3M window film solutions:


3M is well recognized around the world for their innovative technologies. They invented window film in 1966 and continue to set the standard for both quality and selection for commercial solutions. 3M is the only manufacturer that manufactures all of the components in its window film: polyester, adhesive, UV, and abrasion resistant coatings.


We understand the unique relationship that you have with your tenants so we communicate regularly on all aspects of a project to ensure that there are no surprises.

Comprehensive Warranty

3M's comprehensive sun control and security window film warranty covers film replacement as well as removal and replacement labour, ensuring that our commercial customers will have peace of mind. With UV protection built into the adhesive layer as well as an abrasive resistant coating, our window films can be expected to last well beyond the warranty period.

Nationwide Project Management for Multi-Location Projects

Through our National Dealer Network, Window Film Canada, we are able to provide our commercial customers central billing and multi-location project management across Canada.

Cooperative Partnerships

We are experienced in providing our solutions directly to property managers or working through a builder, architect or any contractor you specify.

Professional Consultation & Installation

Product is only part of our window film story. In Canada, we provide a national team of 3M Certified Dealer/Applicators to ensure that every commercial project is a success. Most of our dealers have been representing 3M Window Film for over 20 years, so they can provide technical assistance in matching your needs to the correct film. They can also provide consistent high quality installations and engage in close communication with you during all phases of your project, allowing us to resolve any potential problems before they arise. 3M is the only manufacturer with a technical team dedicated to assisting Dealer/Applicators with any issues.

3M™ Sun Control Products

3M Prestige Window Films

  • 3M's Prestige 70 - PR70

  • 3M's Prestige 40 - PR40

  • 3M's Prestige 90 - PR90

3M Night Vision Window Film

  • 3M Night Vision 15 - NV15

  • 3M Night Vision 35 - NV35

3M Affinity Window Film

  • 3M Affinity 15 - AFF 15

  • 3M Affinity 30 - AFF 30

3M Exterior Prestige Window Films

  • 3M's Prestige 70x - PR70X

  • 3M's Prestige 40x - PR40X

  • 3M's Prestige 20x - PR20X

3M Exterior Metalized Films

  • 3M Classic Silver - RE15SIXL

3M Metalized Films

  • 3M Classic Silver - P18

  • 3M Classic Amber - Amber 35

  • 3M Classic Amber 35 - Low-E-35



3M Sun Control Film

3M Sun Control Window Films let light in and at the same time keep heat and sun damage out.

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3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

3M DI-NOC Architectural finishes let you transform any space in days with beautiful and practical finishes for your walls and architectural surfaces

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3M Security Film

3M Security and Safety Window Films have been used by thousands of building owners and property managers to protect people and property.

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3M Frosted & Graphic Fims

Design meets function with decorative graphic films for windows and surfaces

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Smart Film

Change the look and feel of your home, office, cottage with the flick of a switch.

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Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology

The number one choice to reduce bird collisions with glass

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