Change the look and feel of your home, office, cottage or boat with the flick of a switch.

UL Recognized Smart Film converts your windows, doors, divider walls, skylights and partitions to provide an incredible combination of natural light, comfort, security & energy efficiency.

Advantages of UL Recognized Smart Film Glass

  • Smart Film also known as PDLC Film provides Instant and precise privacy control.
  • Efficient use of space in the built environment.
  • Smart Film blocks 98+% of damaging UV rays.
  • Eco friendly product.
  • Exceptional optical qualities that reduce glare and eye strain.
  • Large sizes of many shapes can be produced.
  • Our Smart Film provides stable colour characteristics for the life of the unit.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Hygienic low maintenance reducing the transmission of MRSA and VRE pathogens.
  • Smart Film enhances corporate image.Reduces uncomfortable “Gold fish bowl” feeling when living or working in high-density buildings such as apartment blocks or office complexes.
  • Reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protect valuable artwork with the advantages of Smart Glass Film.
  • High UV stability.
  • Low working voltage.
  • High video contrast at any viewing angle and any illumination level.
  • Long life – tested to in excess of 3,000,000 cycles gives our Smart Film an incredible advantage over the competition.

Residential Applications

Designing or redesigning your space in hopes of creating more openness? Can't afford a tear down renovation? Smart Film can help! Smart Film gives you that design option to install glass walls to create that open feel when you want it...flip a switch and you create the privacy you need.

Commercial Application

How do you create an open office environment but still have office walls? With Smart Film of course!!! Smart Film on glass walls allows you to maintain the open office setting but gives you the flexibility to create needed privacy at the flip of a switch.


How do you measure the cost of air borne illnesses from Hospital blinds? Blinds and other partitions need to be cleaned and sterilized on a frequent basis to minimize the presence MRSA and VRE viruses that could become fatal. Smart Film used in Hospitals presents a cost effective solution to practically negating the chances of airborne viruses being present or surviving in the Hospital setting. Easy to clean and sterilize without labor intensive removal and replacement allowing for ongoing usage of hospital facilities and providing the needed privacy. We are proud to be the only UL Recognized Smart Film on the market. Meeting strict guidelines to qualify for UL as the most recognized testing laboratories in the world.

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Change the look and feel of your home, office, cottage with the flick of a switch.

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